chili red arowanaLong algae problem

  After changing the lights in the fish tank (one Philips 865, plus one LED), the problem of algae is more serious and frequent.
Turn on the lights for 6 hours a day (2 during the day and 4 at night)
UV lamp? Put it in the sink for 4 hours a day (at night), no effect.
In addition, there is no direct sunlight from the fish tank.
Its always tiring to say nothing, its easy to scare the fish.

Ask everyone what to do.

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  Aman qq Say: Scavenger.
Yuyou auto4951 Say:
Um is considering Aqq
Yuyou everything goes well Say: I wash it once a week
Fish Friends Nicolaspoon Say: The scavenger can do it without raising stingrays, and now there are special tanks like mud carp that work well!
Fish Friends wzbcpa Say: The first two of my scavengers were ok, but it was easy to die.Newly bought basic work
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Its better to wipe the cylinder frequently.
Tayuobaba Say: Change water frequently and get some scavengers
Fishermen sailing fishing beams Say: crapeCan three squirrel fish be mixed with arowana*Is Seven Star Swordfish fierce?:Battleship fish and map fish polyculture&What do you need to pay attention to when polyculture with colorful fish and arowana(The best combination of silver arowana~Arowana mixed breeding map!Can saury be mixed with arowana,Arowana is suitable for polyculture withGoldfish polyculture best match@Mid-level ornamental fish"


    chili red arowanaLong algae problem
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