Introduction of Asian Arowana Horseshoe Seal

  The dragonfish horseshoe mark refers to the mark on the scale of the dragonfish, which is similar to the horseshoe mark, so it is called the horseshoe mark, as shown below:Introduction of Asian Arowana Horseshoe Seal AROWANA Forum Asian arowana may have a horseshoe mark when it is young. The color of the arowana horseshoe mark is cyan, which looks darker.Arowana horseshoe prints generally appear on blue arowanas, but there are also some arowanas that hybridize with blue arowanas, such as the half-red arowana.With the continuous hybridization of dragon fish, many red dragon fish now also have horseshoe marks on their bodies. When the blue dragon fish is in the juvenile, the horseshoe mark will appear after the grown chili red dragon.As time goes by, the color of blue dragon fish becomes more and more obvious.The same is true for the half-red dragon fish. With the increase of time, the blood lineage of the common blue dragon fish will become more and more obvious, and the horseshoe mark will become more and more clear. In general, if the color development process of arowana and red arowana is relatively strong, the arowana horseshoe mark will slowly disappear with the growth of the fish or the scales behind Chengdu, etc. or be masked by its own hair color.If the dragon fish grows to about 30 centimeters, it will still show the dragon fish horseshoe mark, it means that the dragon fish has the possibility of hybridization.It may be half-size, blue arowana, or other serious hybrids.
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    Introduction of Asian Arowana Horseshoe Seal
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    Red dragon fish color development process analysis chart|

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