Please use medicine with caution please take a look at the lessons of blood

  As the title says, today I sent a message to commemorate the four little tigers and a flying phoenix I went to.Blame me for hurting you.Four years ago, I invited four Indonesian tigers, two Changming and two like to hide in corners.Food is very good.I have always given them the same treatment as the Arowana.The tiger grows quickly.It is a pity that the good times are not long.When I admired the fish in February, I noticed a small bug crawling on the wall of the tank.The transparent Internet search is a protein bug.It is said that it is harmless to the fish, but if it climbs on the fish, it will make the fish uncomfortable.(Every time I change the water every three days one-fourth), I was worried after watching it because there are two tigers that often hide in the corner near the protein bug.Anxiously bought Changchongqing.2 tablets (the tank is 700 water), and after we finished, we took a look at our Dragon Peak and said that it would be very dangerous to have more fish under the medicine.About 4 hours after the medicine was given, I decisively started to change the water by 1/4.The next day, I observed that the protein bug was gone.The fish are safe.I fed them some shrimp, and the tiger was very good at grabbing food.After grabbing a lot of Arowanas, I feel that they are in good spirits.I thought everything would be fine.Its a pity that when I came back to find out that the tiger was not right, I started to hide in the corner and burn the tail. I quickly warmed up the old one (I didnt dare to put salt).The next day, it became worse and started to drag.I am lost and dont know what to do.Or I think it may be that Changchongqing will continue to change the water.But in the following 3 days they left me.(Its a bit uncomfortable to write).I was also moved by the fact that when a tiger was about to die, it was rushed to the drain, and I did nt notice it, because my six Burundi (a little bit bigger) helped it with water (the pump is 8000) In the morning, I went to see the fish and found that there was one less light and scared away six. Then I realized that the one that didnt work was dead at the sewer.Take this to hope that everyone will take the medicine, please be careful and careful.Observe more and dont be as anxious as I am.Hope you can see it.Six rooms with a fish protectionPlease use medicine with caution please take a look at the lessons of blood AROWANA Forum

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  fengrurong Say: In the future, it was found that there are protein bugs that can put a few Manlong lower tanks, which is absolutely safe
Six Friends of Yuyu Say: Drugs must indeed be used with caution
Aquarium Say: Yes!Blame me.Recently, a lot of people in Longding have said that the medicine is esoteric and deep. I hope you do nt toss about the fish. After I washed the cotton, I found that the following two layers were dark.I hope you pay more attention to water quality.Dont rush into medicine.
Yuyou Xiaohange @ Say: Isnt it true that the medicine is used to repel insects?
Yuyou carved your heart Say: It is necessary to use it with caution.
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: Dont mess up medicine
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: Most fish were killed by our medicine
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: The medicine given by Changchongqing is not a special fish medicine. If the amount is not well controlled, there must be a problem.
Yuyou HuanG0010003 SayFeed factory make feed formula.Is it good to keep gold arowana or silver arowana?%Arowana can be polycultured with arhat fish$The simplest chicken feed formula?Which is better to keep arhat fish and arowana$Which is better, arowana and arhat#What is the annual profit of a small feed mill"Native chicken own ingredient feed formulaHow much does it cost to open a feed factory/


    Please use medicine with caution please take a look at the lessons of blood
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    Red Arowana prefers old water or new water^

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