How to choose the water plants in the grass tank

  I made a tree view tank with the crown of the tree above the water surface. May I ask what plants can be planted? The leaves on the water are closer to the lights. I tried several ferns and they are not in good condition under strong light.Is there any suitable plant for everyone?I have seen similar plants in the ada album, which grow very luxuriantly under the metal halide lamp

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  wumingxt Say: Glare plants?Water lily?I dont understand
Mr. YuFeng 001 Say: Reply to @wumingxt: Are you talking about amphibious tanks?Seems to add a spray
Yuxin daguang weixin Say: Try Air Pineapple
Yuyou small depth of field Say: 1 The landlord can try Ji Fengli, which is very red under strong light
Yuyou God Restricted Zone S Say: Learn
Yuyou Qinyanqian Say: Tian Coriander, Copper Grass
Liuyou Yeyu Say: Recommend air pineapple, pretty good
Fish aquarium Say: Try Air PineappleArowana eat red insect)Arowana eats faster hair color&How long can arowana be hungry#Why Arowana is the best fish food$What kind of rice is best for arowana^Arowana favorite food@What to eat for gold dragon fish*Arowana no longer eats shrimp(What are the foods of Arowana%What artificial feed does Arowana eat%

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