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Arowana is a fish on the upper part of the food chain. It is a large and bold fish in ornamental fish, but it is also easily frightened in an artificially fed environment. It can be jumped continuously on the spot if it is serious.
Personally think that the shock is related to the following situations
1 Placement of fish tank (not easy to be near the door)
2 Is there any noisy sound or vibration (such as the decoration is facing the road, often a heavy truck passes by)
3 The light intensity changes suddenly
4 It is not advisable to do vigorous exercise in front of the fish tank (especially to stand up suddenly from below). No red objects should appear in front of the fish tank
5 Pay attention to whether other pets in the house will scare the dragon fish
Arowanas individual personality is also different, some are bolder, some are more timid, and only one by one can be eliminated and usually pay attention to domestication, so that the dragons guts can gradually increase, grow smoothly, and increase the joy of breeding.
specific domestication
1 Feeding, timing and quantitative qualitative
2 Feed by hand and put a little more after eating (not easy to lose your eyes or bruises)
3 Feed a 70% full meal and stop feeding every 5 days so that the dragon maintains a strong appetite
4 Its okay to spend more time with the fish, even put your hand in the fish tank to interact with the fish, make the fish familiar and not afraid of you
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