My fish doesnt seem to grow up

  Its been almost half a year since I raised it, and I basically dont see it growing up, whats going on?Is the width of the cylinder smaller than 38 cm?

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   Summer fragrance 520 Say: 1 There are many reasons, it is possible that you usually feed a small amount and grow slowly, and you cant see much.In addition, the temperature is relatively low, and the feeding amount is not large.
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: There is a problem with the method. If you send a picture, if the blood is very poor, it will not be easy to grow.

My fish doesnt seem to grow up AROWANA ForumYuyou Sanshun Say: 2
You can refer to Brother Mori s fish tank, the actual width of the fish tank is only 36.5CM, but have raised 50 fish.
Water quality, oxygen, feed, blood, and their own conditions are all important.
Yuyou 13651265559 Say: 1 Guarantee water quality, feed is also related
Yuyouren001002006 Say: 1 What about the picture?
Yuyouren001002006 Say: 1 What about the picture?
Fish Friends alrock Say: 1 Quick reply to earn dragon coins and redeem benefits
Fish Friends Land 168 Say: 1 Yes, haha ~!
Yuyou ℃ below zero Say: Alive is the bestHow long is the ingot fish pregnant?)Can the ingot fish breed by itself*Ingot pigeon male and female are different"Video of the breeding process of ingot fish&How do ingot pigeons think about male and female?Ingot pigeon male and female photos~How to distinguish ingot pigeons.Fish farming, dragon, phoenix, koi, polyculture%Ingot fish roe pictures(

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