No need to add nitrifying bacteria

  I am a brand new novice!I bought a small fish tank, 3 carp, and after three weeks of tossing, they are all dead!Some questions ask the forum great god!
1.The nitrifying bacteria house recommended by the seller when buying fish (I do nt know if it is so, that is, the stone with a good porous hole), do you need to add nitrifying bacteria, can you not generate it yourself?
2.How many days will it be sleepy for tap water to raise fish?
3.How often is the filter cotton washed?How often does the water need to be changed?How much do you change?
4.What is the white film on the dead fish?
5.Does the fish tank need to be placed in the sun?If the lights in the fish tank can be replaced!

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   Wandering qq Say: 1 plus
Cui Yiping Say:
Fish Friends Runaway 001 Say: 1 Plus no harm
Fish Friends Spades Say: Must add
Yuyou yyf carp Say: 1 There are more feeding articles in the forum, first raise the water and bacteria, then enter the fish after a week, wash the cotton every day and change 1/4 of the water every week.Change to other breeds.
Yuyou Buddha / Hanx Dust Say: 1
Fish Friends zzg0518 Say: 1 Adding nitrifying bacteria to nourish the water faster, no need to add.Change the amount of water, wash the filter cotton depends on how big your tank, raise a few fish, feeding.Div more!
Yuyou Xiaowei Leo Say: 1
Ok!Thank you! Wandering qq
Yuyou Xiaowei Leo Say:
thank you for your help! Cui Yiping
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    No need to add nitrifying bacteria
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