Must there be stones in the horse carving tank

  The novice intends to open a cylinder, 600.400.400, shell sand is finished, cf800 filter, lamp, 300 heating rod, thermometer.At present, the heating is not turned on at 18 °, what else should I pay attention to?

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   Seven Friends. Say: disinfect.Put the water in the tank
Fish Friends Carl.Tin Say: not necessarily
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: It s okay not to add it, and it will be nice to write if you add stone.You can also hide the vulnerable fish, if you add one or two.Will be occupied by cylinder boss
Fish Friends Sonicpt001 Say: Its a bit more stoney and more interesting ~ but there will be the problem of hiding dirt and dirt ~

It is recommended that you raise water first, and wait for the residue to decompose in the tank before putting stones ~
Yuyou cngogjivw Say: There are stones that look better. The water temperature is about 26 degrees.
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: Not necessarily
Fish friends are good Say: cf800 filtering may not be enough, the pressure will be greater if there are more fishWhat kind of fish does the carp carp live with?"Koi and what fish are beneficial&Can the turtle and the goldfish be raised together?@Can goldfish be raised with tropical fish?#Can fish and crabs be kept together$Can koi and guppies be polycultured%What kind of fish do koi carp)Koi fish shit mixed with scavengers*


    Must there be stones in the horse carving tank
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    What brand of feed do dragon fish feed/

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