Everyone help me see how this arhat is

  Can you see if this fish is worth 500?Everyone help me see how this arhat is Aquaculture Forum

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  TS Moon Say: Five hundred expensive!!It is suitable to start at about three hundred, five hundred can start Thai gold
Yuyou carved your heart Say: Okay, just like it.
Fish friend halfofme Say: Ok
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Pretty like it, the price does not understand24k gold arowana for saleRed Arowana Tattoo Line Draft~Red Arowana has not been eaten for more than a month!Red Dragon Fish several major brands%What is the health of red dragon fish eyes%How long does the red dragon fish become a fishIs the red dragon fish five elements gold?:The red dragon fish in the palace&Why do red dragon fish turn their cheeks$

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