Gods will my Taijin start?

  I posted a picture post, everyone take a lookGods will my Taijin start? Aquaculture Forum

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  Free Dragon Fish Say: Its hard to say, it depends on the genes of the fish, but depending on the condition of your fish, it is estimated that the head is up or the head is large
Yuyou love sad Say: Ok
Yuyou stupid NANA Say:
Yuyou TS Moon Say: Is that the next one?no problem
Yuyou Longer Say: How old is this Luo?
Yuyou 459530495 Say:
Is the TS moon behind
Is that the next one?no problem
Yuyou 459530495 Say:
Eight centimeters
How old is this Luo?
Yuyou Jinhong Weixin Say: no problem
Yuyou HuanG0010003 SayWhitefish price^Platinum Arowana Picture Appreciation*Premium Platinum Arowana$What is white fish%How much is Platinum Arowana%Horse snapper can be polycultured with parrot fishCan gold arowana fly fierce oxygen/Platinum Arowana Picture$How to raise gold arowana is not easy to die:Golden dragon and parrot fish mixed feeding"

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