Taobao bought the magic carpet

  The magic carpet bought by Taobao made me a water man today.I put it in the wet and dry separation box.Because the separation box was a bit small, the magic carpet was folded into two layers and spread.As a result, there was a bottom cabinet today.Is it too thick?Seeing that many people in Yulin are thicker than mine, I have not seen anyone overflowing.

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  Lingshan Ajun Say: Magic carpet is fine filtration, wet and dry separation is coarse filtration
Fish Friends xujinxuan1 Say: It s very annoying to filter it to a fine enough filter. It s too lazy to block it immediately.
Fish friend legmz Say: Wet and dry separation boxes should have anti-overflow areas, right?
Fish Friends Spring Breeze jsc Say: Just lay a layer of checkerboard under your magic carpet. It will be fine if I lay two layers.
Yuyou Big Bear 001002 Say: Magic carpet quality is not good
Yuyou Long859 Say: That thing cant be used. Many posts say that it will flood Jinshan.
Fish friend jimji Say: 1 Shuiman Jinshan cant blame the magic carpet. If your bottom filter design is unreasonable, any filter should have overflow.Any filter material will decrease its water permeability over time.
Yuyou take rice as a thief Say: Does your dry and wet separation have no overflow design?
Fish friend easychen168 Say: The root cause should be the unreasonable design of wet and dry separationWhat food does grass carp eat%Can Arowana eat bread?What water quality do dragon fish like$What kind of food do silver arowana eat)What silver arowana likes most(Cats like to eat fish%How to feed Arowana with AstaxanthinWhat is the favorite food of Arowana*Do dragon fish eat meat/


    Taobao bought the magic carpet
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