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  Tips for Arowana Breeding-Harmfulness of iodine excess td

Iodine is indispensable for arowana, but overdose is also fatal!

Excessive iodine can corrode the esophagus and gastric mucosa. The main manifestations are:

Sudden shortness of breath (large mouth breathing, rapid swimming, etc.) frequent vomiting (spit out mucus)

Paroxysmal convulsions throughout the body (bow body, tail bite, etc.) with mild diarrhea (can be misdiagnosed as enteritis)

In the later stage, toxic nephritis may even occur, leading to acute renal failure, mental insufficiency (climbing or floating), cold vision (lazy swimming), movement disorder (imbalance), and death

Therefore, we must pay attention to the usual feeding and treatment (try to choose no iodized salt) to control the intake ratio to avoid tragedy.Pepper red dragon fish fry.

Note: Non-iodized salt is also called sea salt and big salt

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