No water pump use the air pipe to push up the water circulation

  I encountered a very inexplicable thing today. I hope the heroes will be puzzled. I went to the aquarium market today and saw that there are no pumps in the fish tanks of fish sellers, but there are pvc water pipes out of the water surface to drain out to the filter cotton.There is an air pipe leading to the water outlet pipe at the bottom of the tank. Is it that the water is continuously discharged with gas?I havent found it on the Internet, I cant understand it.

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  MakCY Say: Physics not learned well
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: I dont understand
Yuyou brave 001003 Say: Siphon principle
Yuyou yyf carp Say: Isnt that air pump very powerful?
Yuyou qyl815 Say: Dont understand
Yuyou A?Flowers falling down Say: Water fairy?Gas lift
Yuyou JBL Audio Say: Passing by
Yuyou ylj1128 Say: Passing by
Fish Friends Runaway 001 Say: Dont understandFish scales%Will the goldfish die&Treatment of fish scaling@What to do if the scales of the goldfish fall.What"s going on with goldfish scales~What is the disease of fish scales"Fish scales fall off!Can koi fish grow out of scales^Will the fish die if it loses scales?%Can fish scales grow?

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