50 small cylinder opening record

50 small cylinder opening record Aquaculture Forum3 days after opening the tank, the ground has not yet taken root!Is there a good looking heating rod?

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  zp850621 Say: The landscaping is very beautiful.
Fish Friends hangqi_2006 Say: Yes, search for mini constant temperature heating rods
Yuyou Xiaolufei Say: Replying to @ hangqi_2006: Thank you
Yuyou jm view Say: good looking
Yuyou jm view Say: Its been so long for three days?It seems that it was so long when I bought it, the ground climbing I just planted today is very small
Fish Friends Big Ben 001 Say: Heating diffusion barrel
Yuyou small depth of field Say: It takes at least ten days to lie down
Yuyou small depth of field Say: There is a stainless steel heating rod
Yuyou lush foliage Say: Climb the ground and replant again!Cangzhou Red Dragon Fish)Thin frame red dragon fish(Treasure Red Arowana.Red anchovy prolapse#Emperor Red Dragon Fish?Butterflytail Red Dragon Eye Fish$Red Dragon Spitfish$Potion Red Arowana,Red Dragon Fish Shake*Red Arowana Meaning%

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