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Since I fed the lobster section of the arowana without peeling the shell three days ago, the arowana began to lie on the tank, and it was very uncomfortable to swim occasionally.Thank you

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   Sky Dance Division Say: I feed the white shrimp that is more than one inch long, some say it is a lake shrimp, some say it is a sea shrimp, I do nt peel the shells from head to tail, I always feed it when I buy it around 25, and it s almost 40 now.
Cui Yiping Say:
Yuyou Robber_ Say:
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: Life is full of life, Longsheng has nine sons.Someone can eat glass without problems. Your Arowana ca nt digest shrimp with shells, and there is no “ultimate ulterior motive”. Just peel and feed next time.
Yuyu Chubby Xiaolongyu Say: I have eaten since I was a kid, and the river prawns only need to go to the shrimp gun and tail
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Fish friends are also not malicious. If the fish is not fit for hunger, then feed the shelled shrimp.
Yuyou2543602 Say: 35 Arowanas can support themselves

Ask for advice am I misled AROWANA ForumYuyou 872601192 Say: Halo ~ You said that, and dare to give you suggestions in the future?It s okay, if it s not good, it s wrong. (I have ulterior motives) It s too wrong ~ I have been feeding it all the time. If I do nt eat it, I m hungry.In addition to regular delivery, this is my method
Yuyou Dark Night Emperor Say: Let the landlord die by itselfWhy are fish eyes blind.The golden crucian carp eyes suddenly disappeared(Can the fish eyes grow out blind,Can the fish still live without both eyes?)What to do if one of the fish eyes falls~The gold carp has no eyes?What are the eyes of the God of Wealth?^Suddenly, the fish kept no eyes&

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