golden arowana cappuccinoHow to prevent diseases and treatment of arowana in winter


1.Diseases caused by temperature difference Prevention of diseases in winter is a matter that the Ailong tribe must not ignore.First of all, starting from the condition that the water temperature needs to be controlled at 28 ° C, the first challenge for the farmers is to control the temperature when changing water.When changing the water for the beloved and valuable arowana, it is recommended to adjust the water temperature with the water from the shower head of the red arowana and tiger fish feed, as long as the temperature is slightly higher than the temperature in the tank by hand, because the tap water is used directly, soIt is recommended that the amount of water change should not exceed 1/3 each time, and add an appropriate amount of water quality stabilizer before water injection, and pay attention to clean the filter at the same time when changing the water, so as not to damage the ecological circulation system in the tank and cause the arowana to adapt.In the process of changing water, some arowana breeders will use tap water that has not been heated by the water heater to directly add it to the tank, which is a less professional practice.Because if the cold water is directly added to the tank, the rapidly changing temperature at this time will easily cause the dragonfish to get white spot disease or even cause squamous disease due to the changing temperature difference.Although white spot disease or standing scale disease is not a terrible disease, if you pay more attention to these details when changing water, you can avoid many unnecessary troubles. 2.Standing Scales and Ascites (1) Causes of Standing Scales In addition to the diseases caused by the temperature difference when changing water, another symptom that makes arowana players have headaches is standing scales and ascites.The cause of the occurrence of squamous disease is usually due to the negligence of the owners daily management, which causes the dirt in the tank to accumulate and pollute the water environment.The cause of this disease is mostly due to the rapid changes in the environment, such as a large number of water changes, the urgency caused by the rapid drop in water temperature, which weakens the resistance and causes the disease.Symptoms of the disease are that the fish scales will tip up, there will be water samples underneath, and the scales will be slightly congested.In the early stage, usually only three to five fish scales on the side of the body will be slightly tilted; but in severe cases, the fish scales will spread to the whole body and the abdomen will accumulate water, causing abnormal bulging; even the eyeballs will protrude in the future.The disease changes from a mild stage to a severe stage in about 7 to 15 days. Because the scales of the tilted fish look like pine balls, they are called pine ball disease, also known as squamous disease.Because the appetite of the affected individual will be greatly reduced and the swimming power will be lost, if the medical bath is not urgently treated within the effective time, the fish will only become weaker and lead to death. (2) How to deal with the diseased fish of standing scales The fish will only get this disease, mostly caused by being in a poor water quality environment.Due to the imbalance of the nitrification system in the water and the accumulation of physical and chemical impurities accumulated over time, the quality of the water deteriorates, which in turn leads to symptoms such as poor appetite and malnutrition or physiological organs.What can be determined is that the disease is most likely to occur in a feeding environment with low hydrogen ion concentration and spoiled water quality.Therefore, regularly changing or cleaning the filter cotton and the filter material in the system on weekdays, detecting the pH and nitrous acid concentration in the water, paying attention to the transparency of the water quality and the amount of suspended matter in the water, and keeping the tank clean . etc.The most important job. If the fish unfortunately develops squamous disease, it is necessary to start to change the water in the tank, adjust the water quality in the tank and replace the old filter material, etc., to reduce the secondary damage of the harmful substances in the water to the fish.Special attention should be paid when the activity of fish is reduced and the food intake is reduced, because the scales will only slightly tilt at the beginning. If they can be treated in real time, they will be treated in real time, which is the most effective treatment period.50 liters of water can be used for 1 gram of sulfonamide preparation or[mouth husband]medicine, antibiotics to take a medical bath, and then adjust the temperature to 32 ~ 33 ℃, please pay attention to the color of the medicine in the tank, the cleanliness of the water quality andProvide sufficient pumping capacity. If the water color becomes turbid within 24 hours, you need to change the water immediately and filter it with activated carbon. After the water quality is clear and stable, add medicine again.After 3 days of medicine bath, there will be obvious improvement. At this time, activated carbon can be placed in the filter tank to filter out the medicine, and then re-administer the medicine will have a good effect (after filtering the medicine, remember to remove and discard the activated carbon), One week later, you can start to change the water 1/3 and feed a small amount.After the fishs food intake and scales are obviously smooth and normal, it indicates that it is restored to a healthy state. Although the edge of the scale frame will be slightly charred and dark brown at this time, it is not affected. The grass will restore its original gloss in about 20 to 30 days.

How to prevent diseases and treatment of arowana in winter td

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    golden arowana cappuccinoHow to prevent diseases and treatment of arowana in winter
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