Novice little begging for advice

  Novice Xiaobai.Only then began to learn fish farming, thinking about starting from Yinlong to practice first.In four days, the Arowana was killed.How can this be done?.Then buy a piece of silver and then hit it.Or throw the parrots and raise the Arowana directly.The cylinder is 1.5X0.6.Yin Long was chased and ran away the day he entered the tank.Fight for four days.Just died.Please enlighten the great god.It is quarantine.still is.Thank you, brother
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Novice little begging for advice AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet

  heorrebic Say: correct.The cylinder is the bottom filter.
Yuyou Hualong Project Say: I used to be polycultured like this
Fish friends Say: I do not know.Did nt you hear that the Arowana is very fierce, why is this mine so weak?.Ten parrots
Yuyou?xqq Say: Too many parrots
Yuyou Hujun qq001 Say: Beaten by a group
Yuyou Youxiang Qingyuan Say: I suspect that there is a problem with the arowana, and there is mucus on the body.
Yuyou13525094018 Say: There are a lot of parrots
Fish friend Say: There are too many parrots and the Arowana is too small
Yuyou840155197 Say: The parrots mouth is very cheap and rarely raised.Egyptian angelfish in the black water river of San Filipe#Fish raised with red ingot fish!What is the maximum size of crucian carp$How often do ruby fish breed,Parrot fish pregnancy pictures?Red Yuanbao fish is not redThe difference between parrot fish and ingot fish"How big can tilapia grow$Red Yuanbao fish breeding method:The difference between blood parrot and red ingot~


    Novice little begging for advice
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    Jinlong's breeding process#

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