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With the accelerated development of the city, the number of rivers and ponds is gradually decreasing.In view of this, many people will think of setting up a goldfish tank during decoration, one to beautify the living room, two to be gracious, and three to make money.Lets talk about how to raise feng shui fish from the perspective of feng shui. One. The goldfish should conform to the five elements of the household head. According to the theory of the Book of Changes, the five elements have mutualism and mutualism, in golden wood, water and fire, gold, water, water, wood, fire, fire, earth, gold, wood, soil, soil, water, fire and fire.From this we can see that water is forbidden.If a persons character is bogey, it is not suitable to raise goldfish, for example as follows: A person was born on November 12, 1972 in the lunar calendarThe eight characters are: Renzi Renzi Renwu Wushen.The hit is water, not water, this life is not suitable for raising goldfish.Another example is a person born at noon on May 4, 1967 in the lunar calendar.The eight characters are: Ding Weibing Wu Bingwu Jiawu.The fire is too strong and needs water to reconcile, so it is better to raise goldfish.In addition, if a persons five elements are short of water, it is best to place a goldfish tank. two. The placement of the goldfish tank The position of the goldfish tank cannot be placed indiscriminately.There are two principles for it: one is the prosperity or wealth in the house; the second is based on the zero and right gods in the profound sky.The mountain manager Ding Shui Guancai, the mountain star is the right god, should be quiet and not move, only as the ancestor god, etc., also known as Ding Xing.This is Ding Xings launch, and Ding Cai will have two defeats.Mercury is also called Lingshen, and it is rich and wealthy.Therefore, the fish tank is placed at the zero-motion place, and the Lord will make a fortune.The method of judging the true god and the zero god position is determined by three yuan and nine stars. At present (1984-2003), the Seventh Luck is performed.That is to say, there should be no water in the west, and it should not be placed in the fish tank, and there should be water in the east, and it should be placed in the fish tank. three. The shape and height of the goldfish tank are determined according to the location.From the perspective of feng shui, in principle, a round fish tank is the most suitable, but due to factors such as the structure of the house, the round shape is rare.The shape of the fish tank has different styles depending on where it is placed. Square or rectangle ---- placed at the side; triangle ---- placed at the corner; round ---- placed at the center or doorway; hexagonal -----This type of shape is not suitable for placement because of its heavy air; semi-circular --- placed on the side. As for the height of the fish tank, you should also pay attention to it.Calculated from the scale of feng shui, the highest can only be balanced with the heart position, and the lowest can only be balanced with the knee.The impact of too high and too low on the voyage is as follows. Too high ------ The water level in the fish tank is higher than the heart position of the homeowner.The main homeowner is prone to heart disease and unclear thinking, and poor financial luck. Too low ------ The water level in the fish tank is lower than the homeowners knee.The main homeowner is prone to beriberi and lacks the promotion of Fengshui aura. four. The color of goldfish The color of goldfish can be roughly divided into silver, red and black.Feng Shui believes that silver and red can be lucky and black can be evil.However, it is not advisable to keep only black fish in the house, because it is easy to attract people into the room.At present, the best common fish are as follows: Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon-Wangcai has a great effect. Fortune is the head ------ the fish body is white, with a little red or red pompon in the head, which has the power of wealth. Golden lion head ------ The whole body is golden yellow, and the head has a pompon, which can also make money. Fives. The number of goldfish is the best number of goldfish?Two methods are introduced here. 1. Popular methods.This legal person is universal, and it is appropriate to raise nine articles.Ancient literati Mo Ke likes to make pictures of fishes, and they are all named Jiuru.What is Jiuru?The ancient book records that the Book of Songs has a cloud: Tian Baoding, Mo Yixing, as if it is like a fu, like a gang like a mausoleum, as if it is from the side of the river, it should not increase.As constant as the moon, as rising as the sun, as the life of the Nanshan Mountain, it does not collapse, as the pine and cypress, there is no guilty or promise.There are nine Ruzi characters in this poem, and they are all auspicious.Since Ruyu is the same as fish, many people draw nine fishes, named Jiuru, as auspicious paintings.From the above, the best number for fish farming is nine.However, due to the small size of this fish tank, you cant raise nine or so many, you can raise three or six, because three is the unintended meaning of three, and six is the infinite meaning of six and six. 2. It is determined by the five elements of the homeowners life hexagram, and the number of generations is the lucky one.The I Ching Mathematics believes that water is born in the sky, and 60% in the earth. The second earth fires, and the sky is 70%. The tree is born in three days, and the earth is 80%. With four gold in the earth, ninety percent of the number of days is the meaning of Tim Ding and Wang Ting, and the number of the number is the image of wealth and wealth.

宅主养鱼速查表(以条为单位) 出生年份 金龙银龙鸿运当头 金黄狮头 总数 1924,1925,1932, 1933,1940,1941, 1954,1955,1962, 1963,1970,1971年 (纳音属金) 四条 五条 九条 十条 十三条 十五条

1926, 1927, 1934, 1935, 1948, 1949, 1956, 1957, 1964, 1965 (Nayin is a fire) 2 Article 3 Article 7 Article 8 Article 9 Article 11 Article

1928, 1929, 1942, 1943, 1950, 1951, 1958, 1959, 1972, 1973, 1980, 1981 (Nayin wood) one three three six eight eight seven eleven

1930, 1931, 1938, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1960, 1961, 1968, 1969, 1976, 1977 (Natural territories) five articles two articles ten articles seven articles fifteen articles nine articles

1936, 1937, 1944, 1945, 1952, 1953, 1966, 1967, 1974, 1975, 1982, 1983 (Nayin is water) Four Articles One Article Nine Articles Six Articles 13 Articles Seven Articles

six.Other considerations 1. Install it another day.For the first installation, you must choose auspicious days.At that time, you can put the goldfish in the fish tank, fill it with water, start the motor, and cooperate with the aura of the world.The auspicious day when the new fish tank is installed can be selected from the days of Tiande, Yuede, Tiandehe, Yuedehe, Tianyi, Tianxi, Suilu, etc., or the day of success, the opening day, and the fixed day.No water mark days or dead gas days are available.It is not even possible to choose a day that conflicts with the homeowner. 2. The goldfish in the fish tank should be kept fierce.If you find sick or dead fish, you should replace or supplement them in time.

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