Black beauty

  The legendary black mermaid tool fish tank is really so powerful to eat algae?

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  Guangzhou Longfeng Square Say: Yes

Black beauty AROWANA ForumAyuffentt Say: I want to know how much
Fish Friends Wu Ruiweixin Say: Replying to @affentt: 380 albino black beauties around 20 cm
Ayuffentt Say: Reply to @ 伍 睿 weixin: So expensive
Fish Friends Wu Ruiweixin Say: Replying to @affentt: As long as the bullshit, not more than three hundred dollars, a big queen needs more than 200
Yuyou Coffee001008 Say: The legend is very powerful, I do nt know
Fish Friends Wu Ruiweixin Say: Reply @ Coffee001008: I will try one, and give you a trial report in half a month
Yuyou A Qiao Feng Say: Never raised
Yuyou S Dragon K Say: It s really good, it s clean once.It takes a few days for the fish eggs to hatch@How to raise red ingot parrot fish:Fish that can be mixed with silver arowana*Phoenix Fish Breeding$Can Arowana and Silver Arowana be polycultured&Tropical fish roe picturesReproduction method of ruby fish%Fish eggs in English$What are the freshwater bottom fish%

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