The origin of red dragon fish

  The origin of the red dragon fish The origin of the red dragon fish: belongs to the bone tongue fish family.One of the ancient fish.The origin of the red dragon fish dates back to 345 million years ago. As early as that time, the red dragon fish already existed.The red dragon fish has gained world attention due to its unique appearance. Historical studies have shown that on the earth, red dragon fish were first active in the waters of Gondwana ancient continent. With the changes of the earth and the occurrence of crustal movement, red dragon fish were distributed in America, Africa and other places. Today, red dragon fish is loved by everyone, especially in the hands of some nobles in Southeast Asia, the price of red dragon fish is high, and some even as high as one million.The origin of red dragon fish AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet According to the description of the indigenous people in Malaysia, their ancestors started fishing for red dragon fish very early. Around 1970, they started to farm red dragon fish as ornamental fish at home or eat sugar.Since then, it has attracted more and more attention, and began to be exported abroad in 1978. As red arowana has attracted more and more attention from the world, more and more countries have cultured red arowana, leading to more and more red arowana fishing, and the red arowana is in short supply.In 1980, the red arowana aquaculture wave swept through, many countries regard red arowana as the god fish, especially in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and other places, the price of red arowana is frying., Prices remain high.Due to the market demand for red arowana, the production area has been wildly caught, and many arowana have been caught and shipped to all parts of the world regardless of size. In 1980, the red dragon fish became more and more popular, and the Washington Convention began to expressly prohibit the sale and fishing of red dragon fish.The whole red arowana market has also been shaken, and many countries have also had to investigate and deal with illegal red arowana trade. After the introduction of a series of policies, the number of wild red dragon fish has increased.Now, as long as the formal route is taken, red arowana can also be purchased from many places, but due to the difficulty of red arowana reproduction, the price of red arowana remains high. Remember, breeding red dragon fish must be within our ability, and must not lose reason for pure blood red dragon fish. This article is from Jingcheng Fengshui Arowana Culture Hall, please indicate the source when reprinting.
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