This posture can

  I posted a picture post, everyone take a lookThis posture can AROWANA Forum

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  13525094018 Say: So big a yellow head
Fish Friends AAAA-KeRs Say: Tortoise
Yuyou Dragon Say: Good snapshot
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Glanscappuccino hdpc flooringhigh back red tail golden arowana priceIs moonlight duckfish good for keeping?.Satan duckbill and stingray polyculture)Why did the dragon fish suddenly shake when swimming"Is the arowana normal in the middle?~Arowana stayed in the upper floor without swimmingVictoria lungfish mixed arowana?Arowana jerking his head!Arowana swimming obliquely$Arowana always swims in the lower middle$How to distinguish zebra duckfish:

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