ikan arowanaParrotfish always hide

  The parrot I bought yesterday, why did I always hide behind the overflow pipe, and there is a head down, there are two maps in the tank, the size is similar to the parrot, you can use the dip net to swim a circle, or elseHiding, whats the matter, is it timid?How do you keep hiding?Also ask how much the parrot fish can survive at least?

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  Excess investment Say: It may be that once the tank is too large, too few fish will press the fish in the original tank to threaten the new fish, and the new fish will also be pressed. If there is not much difference in size, do nt worry
Yuyou liaoshuidong1 Say: The single swimmers of the parrot group are not too afraid to come out. I have been hiding under the heating rod for a year.
Yuyou stepped on me and you were unlucky Say: Its okay, just a week later!At least 16 degrees!But its better to be around 27!
Yuyou Jinghong weixin Say: Thats what parrots are!Dont worry too much!Just a long time!
Yuyou lazy man Say: Haha ~
Fish Friends Dormy Baby Say: Will you starve to death?
Yuyou Investment Say: 28 or more
Yuyou 8387d2 Say: The new fish are just like that for a long time. It will take about a month to dare to come out. You put it in the tank and you will swim out to eat. I suggest you keep it at 28 degreesasian arowana costWhat filtering equipment is needed for raising gold arowana*Why don"t tiger fish eat shrimp@How long can arowana grow into full gold$Can pure water raise fishCan Arowana be raised in a transparent tank^Arowana eats shrimp until the next day:Can Arowana be raised without heating&Is it ok to feed the goldfish%A single arowana%Arowana does not eat dried shrimp!

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