The root of the dragon fish eye drop


In many dragon tanks, the distance between the water level and the surface of the tank is too close, and the intensity of the light is too strong, which will cause the dragon fish to have a light-shielding method, that is, side swimming will occur, and then the eyes will fall.Among the fish, the middle class is relatively good, especially the silver dragon.In the wild environment, in order to forage insects, the sight of the arowana has developed into a long-distance focus, so you can see the food above the water surface tree skills, andKill it, this is the nature of arowana, but in the aquarium, due to artificial limitations, the instinct is suppressed by the cylinder head and the near light, which forces the arowana in the aquarium to be illuminated by the top of the aquarium.The threat of discomfort for eyesight, and for fish species that have a habit of swimming in the direction of arowana, compulsive eye drop often occurs (depending on the habits of each individual, usually drop one side first)), Plus the artificial feeding environment is not large, lack of exercise, body fat accumulation caused by overeating, and after forced eye drop, the oppression of the eye socket fat caused permanent eye drop that must be corrected by surgery.Therefore, in order to avoid eye-dropping, the fish should be observed as much as possible.不In the case of the upper swimming willing or side trips, timely reduce light and observe the fish only if there is the phenomenon of obesity, coupled with adjustments, will be able to obtain the effect can not afford eye ~
The light is just one of the factors. To prevent the dragon fish from jumping out of the tank, the dragon tank will be sealed, which creates an environmental variation that is different from the natural ecology.The dragon fish is a freshwater fish.Only the smart bony fish, after hitting the tank several times, the dragon fish will also understand that his food is not in the sky above the tank, and there are many evidences in the personal research of the younger brother to show this psychological problem of the dragon fishIn particular, after changing the natural feeding habits of Yinlong, it will naturally change to the situation of looking down for prey in violation of common sense.In addition to the natural ecology of Yinlong, it is not easy to hunt Biyaolong.It can grow quickly to a length of more than 1 meter to resist other predators in the Amazon, and it has a greedy eating habit than the Australian Yalong, and the food intake is larger than the former.Many, therefore, after switching to the tank, even if there is no light, when it finds that the prey can no longer be obtained from the air, the strong desire to eat and the greedy personality often become compulsive eye drop and eye socket fat accumulationIt is not necessary to correct by * surgery, but usually correct正After that, the eyes will still fall off after a while. The reason is still as mentioned above. That is why the silver dragon s eye fall always comes faster than the Bialong, which cannot be recovered. These problems, the younger brother used twoYinlong has done experiments and found that the best way to control Yinlong is not to lose his eyes. Observe whether his eyes are excessively protruding, and decide to control the intake of low-fat foods, and after adjusting the feeding amount, the body fat is not high.Under the circumstances, even if the focusing habits of the dragon fishs eyes change, it will not cause the silver dragon to lose its eyes.Therefore, the environment and food control are complementary, and the power of keeping the dragon fish is to adjust the feeding of the fish according to the situation.And environment, this is a kung fu that requires patience and observation, and the most common problem that aquarists generally commit is the habit of overfeeding ~~ arowana, and does not need to provide a lot of food often, especially in artificial breeding.In the environment, if you eat too much, the arowana will refuse to eat on its own.This is the display of instinct and instinct. These variability have been done in Darwins book on the evolution of species in 1859.Compared with artificial variation, we call it domestic variation异Conduct ~~

The root of the dragon fish eye drop AROWANA Forum Therefore, the back of a normal dragon is particularly high ~ the eyes are particularly prominent ~ that is the phenomenon of obesity. Personally think that eating too fat is easy to cause the eye drop of the dragon fish. The two main foods you feed are high in animal fat.There are two main muscles in the fishs eyes, one is the superior rectus muscle, which controls the up and down direction of the fish eye (this can be proved by observing the situation where the dragon fish sleeps with its eyes facing down, because the fish is like a person when sleeping, and the muscles are relaxed), The second is the oblique muscle, which controls the front and back rotation of the fish eye.Generally, wild arowana has a food source that is not as sufficient as the fish in the water tank.In addition, the fish in the water tank has limited movement space.A submersible motor makes it surfing, and it is still a limited active part texture, only the body part is in motion, and the wild arowana, for the challenge of life, will continue to move the eye muscles when swimming.Obtain the opportunity to prey and avoid natural enemies, so the fat in the eye socket is not easy to accumulate and the predatory nature of the wild arowana will observe the insects on the water upwards to jump and prey, and the upper rectus muscles are naturally developed.How can chili red dragons become red

The water tank changed this characteristic due to artificial force, so it can only be turned into a water-hunting creature in the water tank, or a food floating on the water surface (cannot see a higher target), the habit has changed over time, and the upper rectus muscleUnderdeveloped, it is difficult to avoid eye loss, so many people immediately seal the tank once they see signs of eye drop, so that the arowana can only see the world on the top of the tank, and strengthen the movement and elasticity of its upper rectus muscleAnd then return to normal, but if there is too much fat accumulation, even if the cylinder is closed, the upper rectus muscles want to pull up, but because of the role of fat, the degree of pull-up is limited.At this time, a knife must be removed to remove the dragon fish eye socket.The fat makes the rectus muscles have elastic space ~~ So the arowana in the tank is better to avoid high-fat food and adjust it with appropriate light.Roots of Arowana Eye Drops Roots of Arowana Eye Drops
Insects and small fish are rich in animal protein, which is also a high-fat food.Shrimp because they cannot make cholesterol, but when converting protein in the body into energy, they need to ingest a lot of sterols.And make the crustaceans become foods with extremely high cholesterol. The feeding of these foods is best combined with frogs and soft-shelled turtles (turtles) with high calcium content and low body fat, and an appropriate amount of control to control the body fat of arowanaAnd body shape ~
If you have lost your eyes for a long time, even if the operation is treated with lipotomy, it may not be good. Because the long-term fatigue of the superior rectus muscle has already caused ectopic growth, so the above problems must not be careless when feeding ~
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    The root of the dragon fish eye drop
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