Ready to change the fish tank please advise

  Now I use the 120 × 50 × 70 Yangzhou five-star bottom filter Arowana fish tank. It has been used for more than a year. The style is too old. I am going to change to a super white borderless Arowana fish tank.This is a small county town. There are no masters with good skills and can only buy finished cylinders. Currently, it sells Yangzhou five-star, Yangzhou five-star Opelon, Sensen, Jialu, Meiyat, Mingheng.Used twoThe five-star Yangzhou, the quality is quite good, and the glass is thick, that is, the tank used now is old, the design of the bottom filter system is not very good, and there is no automatic launch. May I ask what cylinder you use,What are the price points,Recommend, thank you!!!
Ready to change the fish tank please advise Aquaculture Forum

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  Five flicks and five flicks Say: I just got a Sihai Longyuan
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Sihai Longyuan is not bad
Yuyou cxd6221 Say:
Thank you, Sihai, we do nt have it here. There will be a problem with maintenance in the future, and the price is slightly higher, so .
I just got a Sihai LongyuanKoi feed wholesale marketWhat is best for feeding fish(What does koi feed besides feed??Fish feeding without feed&Koi fish food granulation method!Homemade Koi pellet feed%A simple method of homemade koi fish food$Can pig feed feed fish*

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