Antibiotic sterilizes quickly but it needs to be used with caution

  Bactericides can kill bacteria; antibiotics can prevent bacterial growth.Bactericides have different degrees of toxicity to the human body because of their different concentrations, so they cannot be used to kill bacteria that invade the human body, but antibiotics can.

One why penicillin is effective

Antibiotics are made of mold and bacteria, and the most representative antibiotic is penicillin.Penicillin is made of penicillium. The material structure of penicillin and bacterial shell (cell wall) is very similar. When bacteria divide and multiply, penicillin will be mistaken for its shell and absorbed.However, because penicillin cannot produce a shell, bacteria without a shell are produced, and bacteria without a shell will die because they cannot adapt to the surrounding environment.
Second, there are more effective antibacterial agents than oxolinic acid
Antibiotic drugs have similar effects to antibiotics.The difference between antibiotics and antibacterial agents is that the former is made of mold or bacteria, while the latter is chemically synthesized, but some antibacterial agents are also called antibiotics.The most familiar among antibacterial agents should be oxolinic acid.When bacteria increase in value, oxolinic acid prevents DNA replication in bacteria.
Oxaquinic acid is classified as a quinolone antibacterial agent. Enfloxacin or ofloxacin and other new quinolone antibacterial agents are more powerful than oxolinic acid.
3. Do not use antibiotics indiscriminately
Almost all of the oral medicines we prescribe for preventing inflammation and purifying are antibiotics.Antibiotics and fungicides are different and can be taken to kill bacteria that invade the body.Bacteria that invade the body generally spread through the blood vessels to the whole body and expand the disease nest, and antibiotics can also run through the blood vessels to the whole body, killing the bacteria to treat the disease.In general, for acute or severe bacterial infections, antibiotics can be injected directly into blood vessels.Taking medicines and pills also transports antibiotics from the intestine to the blood vessels.
In the same way, mixing antibiotics into the feed can make the medicine run into the blood vessels of Koi after oral administration.In the medicated bath, different medicines have differences in gill absorption, and some antibiotics can hardly be absorbed.If the antibiotics we take back are used randomly on koi carps, it will not only have no effect, but may also cause the koi carcass to die, so it is best not to do so.

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