Dear friends why cant I see the option of signing in?

  I was able to log in yesterday, but I havent been able to check in yet?Is this the same for everyone?Our staff at the top of Arowana do not come out to explain!!

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  Qunying Say: Can sign in
Amo Say: Can be checked in.
Fish Friends vincentg518 Say:
Congratulations, I still cant see the check-in option
Can be checked in.
Fish Friends vincentg518 Say:
Ah qunying
Can sign in
Fish Friends vincentg518 Say:
Um hum Guan Zhuo
do not know
Yuyou reverse time_ Say: Can sign
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: Can be checked in.
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Yes, the computer will not work, use ApP.
Yuyou Zhuoran Say: Old location, just click on the dark gridArowana eating feedDoes Arowana eat small fish?$The fish suddenly stopped eating feed%How to eat arowana?Freshwater tropical ornamental fish"What to do if fish do not eat bait%arowana fish tank price(What kind of feed do Arowana like to eat#

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