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  吃红龙鱼金鱼品种的演化吃红龙鱼金鱼品种的演化金鱼品类的演化,无多类要素形成.其一、基果的 遗传;其二、基果 的 变同;其三、基果的突变等要素。All can happen, the new category of goldfish falls.Health.The following points will be described in detail.
1. What is the inheritance of basic fruit.

Second, what is the change of basic fruit.
 金鱼本身,虽然无遗传基果 做根本。And those genetic basis fruits themselves are not non-existent, and half spreads exist together.The red dragon feeds parrot fish feed under the premise of peoples lasting breeding situation, inevitable or indirect or indirect impact of the citys more or less on the formation of the goldfish.Changes in the body shape of the goldfish, resulting in differences.如许,arowana food我举,个例女,简单申明一下。好比,统一品类,统一品类的金鱼繁衍下一代。It is not necessary that the city retains the physical characteristics of the parent fish.Although, they have no genetic basis for broodstock.若是将 儿女分成分歧情况、水量、办理、地舆位放、等,要素下来豢养。那么不免就会呈现,体色上无差同,体型上无差同了。There is no such thing: the phenomenon of, for example, eggs, fish and other children being reproduced, occasionally presents with dorsal fins or other physical features that are not absent.What kind of phenomenon is called the base fruit?Changes.3. What is the basic fruit.Mutation.
基果的突变。It is not my personal experience.Its what I see from some biological books.Plus some associations of myself.Learn from the master.按照书外记实,基果突变分为两类。One is the mutation of the base fruit of natural elements.The first category is that the basic factors of remuneration factors are mutated.Learn below!For a moment, why are those two types of mutations formed?
1. Mutation of natural elements.
Follow the book record.Outside of the natural world, although the organism has no inherent genetic basis for the amount of fruit.But in the environment where the general natural premises are changing, the radicals of the excited organisms are mutated.It is called, natural, elemental mutation.At the beginning, I didnt get it. What kind of ring is that?territory.When I was watching "Jurassic Park", I suddenly thought of that, the letter of the natural element base fruit mutation.谜底无一丝端倪了。其实,就是“恐龙”让我觅出了谜:底。Dinosaurs were once destroyed on the earth. About the reasons for the destruction of dinosaurs, biologists, naturalists, geologists, etc.Although it is still in front of the eyes, to find the precise answer.但无一点,是获得必定的。那就是?The end of the dinosaur era.There have been major changes in the earth.Changes in land size, changes in natural weather.另那些生物,无法恰“当新的天然情况、天气等要素。从而走向消亡。但正在恐龙期间,还无一部门生物恰当新的。Natural conditions, weather.So far.例如,同样属于爬步履物的鳄鱼、蛇、龟等。Naturally also includes "Luo, fish outside the water, and some other creatures.Their existence is at the root of their own genetic basis, and it is also correct?In the change, the amount of the base fruit itself changes.Only then can it be appropriate that the new living situation has not yet achieved: it has survived to this day.Those whose genetic basis has not changed, their psychological function?The above cannot be properly updated, living conditions, natural weather.Will definitely die.That may be, naturally?Under normal circumstances, the formation of "key fruit abrupt change, the consequences before it.Save the fit!Gratifying and sad!
2. Mutation of basic fruit of remuneration element.The basic factors of the remuneration element are mutated.是指;现代科技人工手艺、下,将某终身物,打针某外药物或 其它什么成分的工具。So as to achieve its own goal: standard.Let the amount of biological base fruit change.Or under artificial craftsmanship, eating red arowana will make pure cross between two completely different creatures.Present new organisms.That is, the "element base" of pay is abruptly changed.
I think that goldfish can be red crucian carp in ancient times.It has evolved into a variety of different types of goldfish.There is no mystery outside.My ego is indecent, and the various physical features of the goldfish are now.They all come from the ancient red crucian carp (gold crucian carp).那一点,相信、大师都是,公认: 不讳的。红色鲫鱼其本身的遗传基果物量内正在的差同以外,还遭到 外界的分歧的糊口情况,天然天气以及分歧的水量,食物,再加上报酬的缘由等,诸多要素。让金鱼正在汗青的长河外,不竭的发生变化。Cultivate and present in that "category, variety, different appearances": the category comes.那其外,离不开上述;三类”环境,其一、基果的遗传。Second, the change of the base fruit.Third, the mutation of the base fruit.
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