Why are over-back gold arowana popular?

  Over-back gold arowana is native to the waters of Malaysia close to Kalimantan. Because of its unique appearance, it is regarded as an ornamental fish.Among the gold arowanas originating in Malaysia, the gilt edge of the gold arowanas extends all the way from the head to the tail. It is a very distinguishable type of gold arowanas why the green chili red dragon has a slow color development. The over-backed arowana body is light green when it is young, its scales are very bright, and at the same time very thick, it looks very textured.There are many rows of bright scales on the back of the arowana, so it looks very conspicuous and well distinguished.Why are over-back gold arowana popular? AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet After growing up, the gold arowana will gradually become golden yellow, and it is also very large. Colleagues have a color that makes people look very comfortable, so they are very popular.The production of overdose arowana of pure descent is not high, and the market demand is very large, which leads to his high prices. Sometimes, even if you have money, you cannot buy 100% purebred overfishArowana. If you also want to start this kind of over-back gold arowana, I suggest you find a large-scale, why is over-back gold arowana popular?Reputable sellers, because it is easy to get hybridized over-back gold arowana by muddy water, it is not worth the money.
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Why are over-back gold arowana popular? AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetArowana Blend Oil 5l:Arowana oil which is the best blending oil(5l gold arowana blending oil picture,Arowana edible blend oil 5l price&Arowana oil blending ratio*Arowana and olive oilArowana edible blend oil combination picture%How about Arowana oil?)Arowana Edible Blend Oil/


    Why are over-back gold arowana popular?
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