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  Suddenly see the question of TDS, what is the TDS value of polyculture fish?

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   Carl.Tin Say: Be small
Yuyou, I do nt want to lose Say: Not finished yet, the TDS value is the softness and hardness of water. For Arowanas, tigers, turtles and turtles mixed, the requirements for TDS are definitely different. Is the so-called water quality test kit purchased online good?Is it useful?Ask for advice!!!
Yuyou Xian Xiaohan Say: 1 wrong!TDS is not the softness of water!Simply put, it is electrical conductivity and hardness is DH!
Fish Friends Li Cai Say: Generally, the water hardness in the north is better, and the south does not have to worry about this problem
Yuyou 18612240101 Say: You understand wrong tds.First Baidu Encyclopedia
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: Just fit
Yuyou web110 Say: Of course, the smaller the TDS, the better. I generally recommend that customers control within 200.
TDS Total dissolved solids, equivalent to hardness in fresh water tank!(but not! The same cylinder, the hardness is proportional to TDS)The best formula for sow feed$Pig feed brand~Big pig feed formula,How much can you save with homemade chicken feed*Pig feed preparation and formulation"Laying hen homemade feed formula&Potato pig feed ingredientsPig feed price trend@Pig feed preparation technology:Pig feed preparation video#

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