cyclops red arowanaHow to deal with loach

  At present, Jinlong is about 25 cm and wants to improve its food.Ask seniors.What do loach need to do to feed arowana safely.Detailed explanations online.Thank you

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  Carve your heart Say: Feed it in small segments.
Fish Friends Mr. Cai 001 Say: Reply @ 雕 出 你 心: I am asking what needs to be done
Grasshopper Say: Come back to clean water for two days!!Let the salt be killed!Wash the mucus on your body (pack it in a mesh bag and rub it by hand) into small portions!Quick freeze!!How much to eat!How much!!
Yuyou enjoy happiness Say: Segment
Fish Friends Mr. Cai 001 Say: Reply to @ 裸奔 的 草草: Thank you.Use edible vegetable salt or salt for aquarium
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: They say they need to be disinfected
Yuyou HuanG0010003 Say:
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: Feed it in small segments.
Brother Yuyu Say: Use a lot of salt to remove the mucus on the surface of the loach, and then freeze it in the refrigerator before feeding. It is a bit dangerous for the Arowana to eat live loach.Swordfish eat small fish?Ingot fish starting sign%How old can a carp grow in a year.Traffic light fish prices#Keep a few ingot phoenixes in the dragon fish tank@2016 asked sf unlimited ingots)Ingot parrot fish starts^How long can the swallow live!

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