Yihan ball hard water seeking a solution

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  Left Bank Amber Say: It seems that good filters will hard water
Yuyou Investment Say: Fish density is good
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Dont understand
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say:

How did you come to this conclusion?In addition, is there the possibility of buying fakes.
I used a 10L Ihan quartz biosphere and 100 X brand bacteria houses in the bottom filter tank.The TDS of my tap water is about 30ppm, and it has been 50 days since the tank was opened. The TDS of the water in each tank (not less than 4 times) is less than 60ppm.So I think Yihans biochemical ball should be well controlled on this indicator.Although TDS is not exactly equal to the hard water index, it should be able to explain the problem.In addition, my 1 meter small tank (upper filter) had some fish at the beginning. I used the spherical and small column filter materials that I sent when I bought nine boxes of upper filter boxes. The same tap water. After I bought the TDS test pen,Each test is around 300ppm.Now I have two golden arowanas in the small tank. Three days ago, I replaced the original filter media with Yihan balls (replaced twice every ten days), and now the TDS has been reduced to 150 (the first time I changed half of the filter media.After several times of water, three days ago, after changing the filter material, one third of the water was replaced).

Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: Fish density is good
Yuyoushibin18 Say:
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