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  Big tail 002 Say: awesome
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: I heard that colorful is difficult to raise
Fish Friends AA Dream Dream AA Say: Replying to @ 大 尾巴 002:
Yuyou primary school professional household Say: There is an aquarium in Fukuyama
Fish Friends AA Dream Dream AA Say: Reply to @ 小学生 专业户 : Is there a phone, the address is OK
Fish Friends Apple 001 Say: Qin Qin
Fish Friends AA Dream Dream AA Say: Reply to @ 苹果 001: The first fish farming
Yuyou anson2014 Say: Ask Du Niang
Yuyou lazy man Say: Colorful beautifulblack arowana fish for saleArowana and Arhat polyculture.Arowana tail white hair split ends&How to raise ingot fish is not easy to die,Is the stingray bitten by a parrot?:Can parrot fish and stingray be raised together?"Ingot fish feeding(Can the arowana tail be split?^How long does the stingray bite recoverArowana tail splits overnight%Stingray and parrotfish can"t be mixed/


    Colorful fairy
    2020-09-24 01:45:43 Contents
    Red Arowana Variety$

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