arapaima fishLong fish tank the light has been turned on for a long time is there any way to clean t

  Long fish tank has been turned on for a long time. Is there any way to clean the green algae?

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   shibin18 Say: For help
Fish friend anrocey Say: Queen sail
Yuyou zp850621 Say: There is no good way, only to wipe.
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: According to the earlier statement of one-meter Arowana, if the green algae at the bottom of the tank are not cleaned, the background color will not be reflected, which is also beneficial to raising Super red arowana fish.
I used a magnetic brush + a long handle brush to clean up. This one on Xbao, I used it pretty well:
Yuyu Flying Fish 1122 Say: Scavenger gets it
Yuyou anson2014 Say: Add a germicidal lamp.Light-on time is reduced
Yuyou 18778609022 Say: Scavenger, manually brush with a brush
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: I didnt care
Yuyou Xiaoshuaishuai 001 Say: Any algae can be ignored, but if you want to be beautiful, you have to ask for an expensive scavenger.Most scavengers are second time, and it is easy to return to the west. I changed 12 leopard scavengers before I found one to eat residue, eat algae, eat feed, not afraid of large fish, not sucking stingrays, work as soon as the light is turned onScavenger.I havent been lazy for half a year.Can big and small arowana be polycultured(Fish tank polyculture%Three arowanas can"t be mixed*Lucky fish and what fish are goodWhat to do if three arowanas keep playing together&Can dragon fish be mixed with koi?%Can silver arowana and Thai crucian carp be raised together/What to do if the warship fights the dragon fish"

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