Notes on Arowana live bait

  What you need to know about Arowana live bait

What you should know about using live bait: frogs-as long as they are not toxic, frogs are very nutritious food for raising young arowanas. Frogs can survive for several months without providing additional food, so it is easy to prepare, change water daily, and avoid direct sunlight.Maintain the health of the frog and quarantine it a few days before feeding, but the food (insect) eaten by the frog is very picky, so in order to avoid trouble, it is best not to buy too much at one time to avoid death.Usually buy it back as long as the body is flooded with clean water to keep it moist (it can last for several days), and then use it before taking it out.Shrimp—Place it in a cylinder with sufficient oxygen supply to avoid overcrowding. Because it will be placed between each other, 1 to 3 inches of PVC pipes can be placed at the bottom of the water tank as its habitat. Change the water every day to keep the water temperature low.Heater, remove the sharp stings, head and tail before feeding the arowana, if frozen, buy 2 to 3 inch smaller ones, remove the head and tail before feeding and cut into evenAppropriate shell size, juvenile fish under 8 inches should remove the shrimp shell before feeding.Cricket-A favorite food for dragon fish, it is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Qianhu red dragon fish feed uses rolled paper or egg containers as cricket hiding habitats, otherwise, it will avoid storing too many crickets at once,Because its average life is only 40 to 49 days, it can be fed with carrots. It contains carotene. After eating, it helps orange and red development and avoids ants approaching crickets. It is not necessary to remove cricket hind legs before feeding.(It is recommended to remove the cricket hind legs below 15CM).Wheat worms and bread worms-another high-protein source of arowanas, and insect bait such as barley worms and bread worms are the most easily available in aquarium shops, and there are special people who are cultivating, so you can feel at easeProvide for large fish to enjoy.Care must be taken to maintain the dry environment of barley bugs and bread bugs. Moisture will cause death. Barley bugs, bread bug fish feed, carrots and vegetables can be fed first, and vegetables should be replaced once a few days to avoid mold formation. Female beetles produce each time400 to 1000 eggs, the incubation cycle is eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.Zhu Wenjin—Place it in a container with clean water and a nitrification system to avoid mass deaths due to water quality. Isolation and quarantine can be fed with common goldfish feed for 5-7 days, but Zhu Wenjin has been criticized many times.Due to the excessive content of vitamin B1 destroying enzymes, etc., if this single food is fed, it may cause various diseases, so it is necessary to use it with other foods.Loach—Place it in a container with clean water and sufficient oxygen supply. You can survive for several days without providing additional food. You must pay attention to the fact that there is too much mucus on the body of the loach. Overcrowding must be avoided to deteriorate the water quality and cause pollution.When feeding arowana, it is necessary to pay attention to the vitality of the loach. The mucus on the body surface is sometimes swallowed, and it will be stirred in the body, which causes many cases of arowana death. Therefore, it is more stable to kill and feed.In general, quarantine is used. For small fish, at most universal water is used to remove external pathogens and trematodes, arrowworms, and lice nuisances.Cell worms, unicellular protozoa, bacillus, and vibrio cannot be effectively restrained unless they are sterilized at a high temperature of 100 ° C, but I am afraid that most arowana are interested in dead bait.If your arowana can accept the frozen food, it is also a good method to use low-temperature freezing for quarantine, but pay attention to the freshness of the bait.Generally, there will be symbiotic parasites in the body of predatory fish. Usually, as long as the fish themselves are strong, they can maintain their coexistence with each other. Once they are stressed by external factors (water quality, temperature, fighting, disease .)Insects will multiply in large numbers.In other words, as long as the owner can control the environment properly, even the big fish with big meat will not be directly affected by the insects in the body.

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