Common terms used by dragon farmers


There are some "terms" that are not understood by outsiders in all walks of life and various circles. Of course, we aquatic fish lovers also have their own "terms".The common term for dragon farmers is that the pepper red dragon fish mouth is not red

Gem: another name for the red-tailed golden dragon;

High back: refers to the red-tailed golden dragon whose scales can shine to five rows but not to the back;

Over the back: refers to the back of the golden dragon;

Five rows: three rows with the side line as the boundary, four rows upwards, and five rows upwards;

Hair color: refers to the color change of the scales of golden and red dragons from juvenile to adult;

Earth Baotian: refers to the dragons chin is longer than the chin and "wrapped" the chin;

Eye drop: refers to the eyes of the dragon fish protruding and often looking down;

Self-cutting: Arowana breaks off the tail three fins during the frightening process;

Tail biting: mostly due to sending out or using the tail as an enemy, the dragon fish bites its own tail;

Lie on the tank: often stay in a corner of the tank for a long time;

The old three: short for changing water, adding salt, and warming up;

Sleepy water: Let the water to be added to the tank first be left to dry for a period of time called sleepy water

Polyculture: Join other fishes to be stocked together or to raise more than two Yalongs together;

Bare tank: The fish tank did not put anything else (such as sand, rockery, etc.); Crash tank: Put other fish into the tank to "test water" before putting the dragon fish;

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