Want to buy nitrifying bacteria

  What do you all use?Cody?The water is so clear

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  Quit? Say: I havent used it once
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Use whatever you want, 9.9 Except for free shipping
Oh my god Say: Reply @ 暗 然 浅笑: Haha.I know
Oh my god Say: Reply @ 戒?: Powerful
Yuyou choking Say: Long Ding preferred look
Fish Friends Real Madrid 555888 Say: Codys Longjiu
Oh my god Say: Reply @ 皇马 555888: There is also the brand of Long Jiu?Have not heard
Grandpa Yuyu, Say: The Cody I used is not bad. Nitrifying bacteria are the main focus.
Yuyou Longmuxuan Say: There are many brands, and I have forgotten several brandstanning arwana golden redarowana vitaminQuick fattening cattle feed formula@1000 kg fattening cattle feed formula(The best formula for cattle feedFattening feed additives,Ark giant scorpion egg feed formula.Formula and proportion of fattening cattle feed)The simplest formula for cattle feed"Feed formula for fattening cattle at various stages!What kind of feed does the cow grow the fastest?

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