Sad day

  Waking up this morning and found that the Arowana fish sinking motionless, knew he was dead.A few days ago everything was normal except not eating.Leave a picture to commemorate.42cm for 4 months.When the mood is restored, continue to enter the fish.Sad day Aquaculture Forum

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  Miracle Lohan Say: There is a little swelling in the anus, it should be inflamed inside, pay attention to feeding
A variety of mobile games for fish friends Say: 1 Come on
A variety of mobile games for fish friends Say: The old one does not go to the new one does not come
A variety of mobile games for fish friends Say:
Fish Friends Real Madrid 555888 Say: I do nt know why
Fish Friends Say: whats going on?
Yuyou18613515088 Say: It s a pity that it s already a color.
Shi Youzhong Say: Sad!Pay attention next time!
Yuyou Qiuweixin002 Say: Its a pity fishRed Dragon Eye Goldfish"Dragon Eye Fish*Is black dragon eye good or red dragon eye good?How much is a dragon eye#Dragoneye fish can"t always eat fish food/How long can the goldfish fry grow up in 3cm:How to raise dragon eye fish^Cuttlefish%How much is a red dragon eye goldfish!

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