Who can raise black fish please ask

  I ve been raising koi for four years, and I ve changed from a novice to a veteran. It s pretty good, but my favorite is the fierce black fish (Wuyang).I bought two 25 cm black fish from the vegetable market two years ago. After passing the water, they put them in the fish tank, but within two weeks their fins had all rotted away and died.I just couldnt understand why the koi carp lived very healthy, but my little black fish was rotten to death, leaving only bones in the fins.What is the reason for asking the great gods here? Who knows there should be no problems.

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  Davidsonc Say: Eat it anyway, when you were in the vegetable market, you should buy the sauce together
Fish Friends alrock Say: Learn to appreciate
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: There is still a difference between blackfish and ornamental fish
Yuyou cj588 Say: Braised Black Fish and Meat, Fragrant ~~
Yuyou 13651265559 Say: Not suitable for water quality
Yuyou ヌ 缜 ゥ Say: Water quality is not suitable!
Fish Friends Ring? Say: Mullet
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: The original old water cant be kept alive, you have to change water frequently to ensure new water.
Yuyou originally liked tossing Say: Water temperature.I feel that the black fish requires a higher water temperatureThe practice of oven dried fish*Home-made braised small fish tipsThe practice of snacking dried fish in Hunan)How to stew small fish is delicious and simple/The practice of crispy fish%Daquan Practice Daquan$Tomato fish practice#The practice of Hunan dried fish is spicy&Stewed fish@Tips for making dried green pepper fish,

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