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  The fish tank I just bought has a black background and black background. The background is painted black. There is no way to replace it!Originally I wanted to change the background with words or other patterns. Pure black looks so low-key!Ugh!!!!Do you have any friends who raise black tanks?

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   Wandering qq Say: Ok
Yuyou13953081717 Say: Isnt it good to raise a Super Red Arowana in a black tank?
Yuyou Qiangqiang 2288 Say: Mine is black background
Yuyou Qiangqiang 2288 Say: I feel very good about myself. I have six parrots and six silver Arowanas.
Fish Friends Enthusiastic Ade Say: First one, you like this
Yuyou Zuge Say: Change after saving
Yuyou13525094018 Say: The Super Red Arowana and black cylinder are just right
Fish friend xmcsr Say: Can only say that the pros and cons exist at the same time, a pair of Super Red Arowana hair color is very good, but after a long time, look at a background is tired
Yuyou crazy people wish Say: Raising a Super Red Arowana uses a black backgroundCan colorful angelfish be mixed with tiger fish/How long did the colorful angelfish grow up:Why are colorful ornamental fish not easy to raise,What kind of fish can colorful angelfish be mixed with"Colorful fish burger recipes)Can six fish be mixed with colorful angelfish?German Colorful Angelfish Video!The most expensive colorful fish pictures~How to prevent flying anchovies from sucking fish#Can guppies be kept with colorful fish.

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