gold arowanaCommon problems and prevention of arowana


When the dragon fish is frightened, it will hit the cylinder, which may cause broken whiskers. Although the broken dragon whiskers will regenerate, they will be shorter than before, so we must avoid this phenomenon.In addition, the frightened arowana will also spit out the mucous membrane in the stomach. Although it will not endanger the life of the arowana, it will not eat for several days.I believe that all friends who keep arowana will not want to see such problems with their arowana, so in daily management, you must be careful not to watch the arowana too close, and do not let cats, dogs and young children * closeFish tanks, dont do violent actions near the fish tank, dont pat the fish tank.

Arowana sometimes refuses to eat for several days or even tens of days. If it is not frightened, it may be caused by the most recent feeding.Therefore, it is best to stop feeding one day a week, this will stimulate the appetite of arowana.Arowana is very susceptible to standing squamous disease, also known as pineal disease, if it lives in an environment with a high concentration of nitrate for a long time or when the temperature of the aquarium changes drastically during the season change.The symptom is that all the scales of the whole body stand up, like a pine ball. In severe cases, the scales will lose the protective effect of the fish body, and are easy to be attacked by bacteria and parasites.Green pepper red dragon tail treatment can add salt in the fish tank and heat up to 30 degrees Celsius, or add sera bacteriostatic agent, queen whale bacteriostatic agent in the water, and strengthen the amount of oxygen in the water.

Ascites disease is that the dragon fish eats unclean food or the fish has thorns, which pierces the dragons digestive organs.The symptom is that the abdomen is swollen at first, the anus and the base of the fin become red, liquid accumulates in the abdominal cavity, and the internal organs become black. Finally, the liquid oppresses the swim bladder, causing the arowana to lose its balance.At present, there are no very effective medicines and treatments for ascites. If chlorohydrin is forcibly poured into the abdomen of fish, there may be a silver lining. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent the disease of the arowana. Do not feed unclean food of the arowana.If feeding dragon fish and small river prawn, be sure to remove the shrimp gun.

Some people keep the eyes of the dragon fish falling. You can surround the lower part of the fish tank with opaque paper, and try not to feed the bait that will sink to the bottom of the water.In conclusion, this also requires the common efforts of tropical fish enthusiasts to excavate and study.

During the breeding process, if you find that the eyes of the arowana are white and turbid, there are two situations: one is that the surface of the eyeball is white, which is caused by the deterioration of water quality.——1 / 2, and maintain a constant water temperature, it will improve and heal in a few days.The other is the occurrence of albinism at or near the center of the eyeball. In severe cases, it will be accompanied by flocs. This is mostly caused by nutritional imbalance or infection caused by injury to the eye membrane.Penicillin or various fish medicines for the treatment of bacteria should increase the water temperature accordingly. If the treatment is good, the recovery will be slower, usually more than three months.

Arowanas illness is mostly caused by feeding live bait contaminated with parasites, most of which are fish lice and anchor worms.Fish louse is a flat and disc-shaped crustacean. Arowana infected by it will appear restless, will rub the body in the tank, dont like to eat, and will cause death in severe cases. The safest way to treat this diseaseIt is to take a bath with salt water and raise the water temperature. Another method is to remove it with a clip. This method has the fastest effect, but it is very easy to cause damage to the arowana, so you must be careful.In fact, arowanas are very easy to raise. As long as they are carefully fed, the above problems can be avoided completely, which requires the joint efforts of the majority of fish fans.
Common problems and prevention of arowana

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