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I will be launching a new order very soon。 I am on holidays right now with intermittent internet access。 Stay tuned for details!
2015 Summer/Fall Dreamfish Order Arowanaclub Canada
I will be launching a new order very soon。 I am on holidays right now with intermittent internet access。 Stay tuned for details!
I am still on holidays in Europe。 I will continue to reply to PM?′s and emails every time I have access to wifi。
I just got back from Europe。 I will contact everyone who has emailed or pmd me about this order in next few days。 Contact me at[email ;protected] if interested in getting in on this order。
Order is progressing, am collecting deposits now。 Contact me if you want in on this order as it could be the last one of the year。。。
Final deposits being collected, looking to wire money beginning of next week。
This is what I call a ";boutique"; order, with a few people looking for special higher end fish with certain characteristics。 Looking to bring in a Merlion Blood Red, Merlion BBXB, Merlion Gold Base XB, a Harmony and a few others。 Thus, a little bit of everything。
Email[email ;protected] soon if you want in on the order!
Singapore CITES done,baby asian arowana for sale2015 SummerFall Dreamfish Order Canadian CITES permit application underway。
Should not be too long now。
I will try calling CITES to see what stage the papers are at。 I think they should be done right about now。。。
I have the CITES papers。 I will begin arranging the arrival date now。
Fish have landed, trans-shipping in process。 Some real beauties!!!!!!
Okay, lets upload some photos and video!
Check out this video of a Dreamfish XBHB; I just got a new i-phone and am still learning how to use all the photo/video features; youll note the video starts and ends at normal speed,atlantic stingray but goes slow-mo mid way through。 Cant wait till I learn to use the phone better,baby asian arowana for sale but in a way this unintended ";editing"; kind of cool。。。provides a great view in 4K of what a beautiful fish this is!
I recommend you go full screen
Check out this happy guy with his 90% Gold Head Premium Prestige Cross Back
A Premium Gold Cross Back being released from the bag!
And of course, what import would be complete without some ";super reds";。 In this case, they are Merlion Ultimate Grade Blood Reds! Three of them off to new homes across Canada!
Note mild distortion due to acrylic tank
Ill see about getting some more photos/videos of other fish uploaded tomorrow。 Congratulations to all the happy owners of new Dreamfish?

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