Can the foam be placed in the grass tank

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  Can the grass tank landscape be scolded with foam pads?Tell me about it!Thanks a lot!,

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   Anqqqq Say: No floating or pollution
Yuyou Punishment Arrow Say: The key bubble is floating
Yuyou A ag pig head Say: Bubbles can be landscaping
Yuyou khuppei2 Say: The blister glue used when installing the door is sticky and dry and will not be floated up.
Yuyou QY-binFen Say: Foam is a method of waste utilization, and can use pumice or volcanic particles if possible
Yuyou Mushroom Porridge Say: Okay, many of the landscaping are done with foam
The fish friends are cool in the late summer and autumn Say: Feels ok
Masonsen Say: For this purpose, I suggest you directly Ma Yunjia lattice board
Yuyou 13910056558 Say: I used Maifan stoneblueberry arowana for salearowana pet shopgolden arowana hdpc flooringflowerhornmost expensive fisharowana foodasian arowana for salesilver arowana priceAROWANAgolden arowana pricearowana international limitedarowana light


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Freshwater Jellyfish Anyone?



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