I would like to ask you great gods I want to buy a Super Red Arowana is it better to use Indonesian

  I would like to ask you great gods, I want to buy a Super Red Arowana, is it better to use Indonesian chili or green chili peppers, please help me

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   Dragon Fish Hobbyist Say: chili
Fish Friends Fish Fun Say: It depends on what you like.
Yuyou 15000627257 Say:
Indonesian chili peppers and green chili peppers are good
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: Red Arowanas are all Indonesian, blood Super Red Arowanas and red peppers, green peppers are better varieties of Super Red Arowanas
Yuyou Qingdao Extraordinary Residence Say: What fish is not important, the key is to develop color.Add WeChat 15166661607 to exchange!
Yuyou Red Dragon is not a dream Say: Dont be superstitious about the various names nowadays. Dont worry if you have the money to buy high-end brands. If you have less money to look at your own appearance, its good to be red.
Fish Friends NEWF123 Say: To put it simply, two different watersheds produce two different Super Red Arowanas. Blood red and pepper red are used to call wild fish. The offspring of pure breeding wild blood red and blood red pepper and pepper pair breeding can only be called blood Super Red Arowana pepper Super Red Arowana.The performance of the person is not perfect. At present, the Super Red Arowanas we can buy are all Super Red Arowanas that have been reproduced through artificial improvement. Once improved, they are not pure blood and there is no difference between red blood and pepper. The improved Super red arowana fishery is only called法-‘’超级红龙‘’,不过这种结合二者的优点的红龙个体表现大大超越了以前的野生鱼的表现,所以不要被一些精华帖误导,新手看到这种贴最容易被Misleading is always fantasizing in the names of blood red and chili. Is my fish one of these two? Is the color of my fish going back? Is there red or green? Is it blood red? I am very responsibleTells you that at present, only some low-price, low-quality, popular Honglong merchants say that they like to call their fish chili or blood red. The purpose is to mislead novices so that novices have an unrealistic fantasy fish will grow up.It looks great, in fact, this fish grows either white or yellow!So it is said that learning to taste is the entry to fish farming, not to say that after raising a few fish and a few Arowanas, even if you start to talk about fish, you still do nt understand anything. Fish friends who do nt taste tend to toss about.And there is an unrealistic idea of buying good fish at a low price. This kind of thinking often only buys back a house of garbage. The water of the Arowana fish is so deep that it ca nt be drowned.african arowana fishred chilli arowana fishHow much is a butterfly carp?Gold ingot fish pregnancy pictures$How to book the fish ball space.How to raise cold water gold ingot fish^Legendary ingots for money(How to change the legendary ingot&The legend is coming)How about gold ingot fish$How to withdraw betta live broadcast income/


    I would like to ask you great gods I want to buy a Super Red Arowana is it better to use Indonesian
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