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Choosing the quality of bait will directly affect the health of ornamental fish. Choosing the right bait is extremely important for the growth and development of ornamental fish.A variety of bait must be mixed to feed, so that nutrition will be balanced.There are many types of bait: live bait, frozen bait feed, artificial bait, etc., each with its own characteristics.

■ Live bait: The nutritional value is very high, and it is more in line with the lifestyle of natural feeding of ornamental fish. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to preserve for a long time; and it is easy to carry parasites and bacteria. Special attention must be paid when feeding.

Red worm: Also known as: Daphnia, may be the most selected fish bait in China.

Blood worm: a mosquito larvae, the highest nutritional value (containing and rich in protein) of all live baits, and relatively clean feeding.Its just not easy to save in summer.Resolution, how much do you know?

Silkworms: It is very easy to carry parasites. Before feeding, they must be rinsed with plenty of water before feeding. They may not necessarily be able to wash out parasitic worms, leeches and other parasites.

Harvest shrimp: It is an extremely convenient live bait that can be hatched and fed on its own. Most of the nauplii are fed on the larvae that feed the brine shrimp. The larvae are just hatched from eggs and have high nutrition.The grown-up adults dominate with water and have low nutritional value.However, it is rare in the domestic aquarium market.

■ Frozen bait, dried frozen bait, dried bait: that is, processed raw bait and then frozen or dried and stored.

Frozen red worm: The nutritional value is very high, it is directly frozen by raw bait, the probability of carrying parasites is very high, and it is not recommended.

Frozen brine shrimp: Frozen brine shrimp has two kinds of adult shrimp and shrimp.The nutritional value of the frozen mature adult shrimp is low, but the fish love it and can be mixed with other feeds.The price of frozen brine shrimp is high, but the nutritional value is high. If it is not convenient for you to hatch the brine shrimp to feed the larvae, you can temporarily use the frozen brine shrimp.However, the frozen ones are never as nutritious as the ones you hatched.

Dry red worms: dry red worms, using air-drying technology to dry red worms.Dry red worms do not carry parasites and are safer than frozen raw bait, but fish are not very fond of eating.

■ Artificial bait: It is undoubtedly the most recommended for aquaculture today. It is not only more economical, but also more time-saving and labor-saving, without parasites. It is easy to control the feeding amount, and there is no need to worry about the pollution caused by too much feed feeding.There are many types of artificial bait, including granules and flakes; there are even baits specially designed for a specific fish species with taste and nutrition.Artificial bait is best fed in multiple ways to provide various nutrients.

Growth flake bait: The flake-shaped bait is made of more than 40 different raw materials. The high content of protein is easily absorbed by fish, which can promote the healthy and rapid growth of fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Brightening flake bait: can promote fish to increase the natural bright colors.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

High protein flake bait (freshwater type, seawater type): Add iodine, seaweed, mycelium shrimp, brine shrimp and some plankton to the ingredients, suitable for large cichlid tropical fish and plaice and angelfish in seawater fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.Vegetable flake bait: suitable for all herbivorous fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Fry bait bait: Fine and nutritious powdered bait makes you no longer worry about finding feed for hatching young fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

High-protein granular bait (freshwater type, seawater type): contains important nutrients, arowana bait selection vitamins, trace elements, suitable for feeding various types of large fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

High protein strip bait: with unique suspension, suitable for feeding surface foraging fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Paste the bait: It is convenient to paste it on the wall of the aquarium, so as to observe the growth status of the fish that are madly pecked more carefully.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Ingot bait: suitable for feeding benthic fish such as catfish and muridae, as well as sea anemones and some corals in marine invertebrates; it can even be used to feed turtles, lizards and other reptiles.Suitable for freshwater, marine fish, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles.

Dry brine shrimp: rich in carotene, can enhance the body color of fish, and can promote the normal growth and utilization of protein, fat, crude fiber of juvenile fish.Suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Vitamins: It can supplement the extra vitamins lacking in food, suitable for the growth of juvenile fish, recovery of sick fish, breeding of breeding fish.Suitable for freshwater, marine fish, invertebrates, reptiles.

■ Other aquatic artificial nutrition:

Invertebrate biotrophin: Contains nutrients, minerals, trace elements and active vitamins needed for the growth of seawater algae, shrimps and crabs and other invertebrate organisms.Suitable for marine invertebrates.

Waterweed base fertilizer: Contains highly concentrated nutrient sources and trace elements required for waterweed growth, and does not contain nitrate and phosphate, which provides important root nutrients for waterweed.Suitable for landscaping with fresh water plants.

Aquatic liquid fertilizer: rich in highly concentrated iron and dragon fish bait, selected minerals and trace elements, and free of nitrate and phosphate.Facilitates the absorption of nutrients needed by aquatic plants, algae and invertebrates.Suitable for aquatic plants, seaweed, seawater invertebrates.

Waterweed ingot fertilizer: It can immediately supplement the shortage of basic fertilizer in the root of waterweed, and can also be directly dissolved to replace the use of liquid fertilizer.Suitable for aquatic plants, seaweed, seawater invertebrates.

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