In the forum the gods do you want to add UV germicidal lamps to the filter?

  In the forum, the gods, in the end, whether to add ultraviolet sterilization lamps in the filter, I am the upper filter.Please ask!

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  GaryLim Say: Yes, uv light is placed in the filter, but dont face the nitrated stone
Yuyou13525094018 Say: You can buy one if you want
Tayuobaba Say: Changing water frequently is better than putting germicidal lamps
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: Changing water frequently is better than putting germicidal lamps
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Let go if you like, dont let go if you dont like it
Shi Youzhong Say: The germicidal lamp can effectively remove algae and be placed in the filter tank for about 2 hours a day!Does not grow green algae!
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: Doesnt matter
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: You can control the algae for two hours a day, but you have to worry about it
Yuyoushibin18 Say: Doesnt matterArhat and colorful angelfish can be polycultured?Features of Alenka Colorful Angelfish~Can Colorful and Arowana be polyculturedHow to raise colorful fish angelfish$Colorful Angelfish Picture Variety Introduction Daquan@Is the colorful angelfish particularly difficult to raise?$What kind of colorful angelfish do novices keep#Ready to raise colorful angel fry%What medicine is used to raise colorful angelfish:

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