Goldfish belly-up

What is the best defence against belly up, if so how to rectify if belly up has already occured
Sad to hear this bro, once belly up is rather challenging to bring it back to normal。
Normal cause of belly up could be due to swim bladder disease, slim chance of survival, but theres still a chance。

The swim bladder is an air-filled organ which the fish uses to balance itself and swim up and down by regulating the pressure inside。 If the airbladder becomes compressed, deformed or diseased the fish cannot regulate it and therefore loses its balance。 Goldfish frequently suffer with SB problems due to their compressed body shapes; the cause may therefore be internal physical deformity。 Other causes are constipation - which compresses the SB - gulping air whilst feeding at the surface or eating food with too much air inside, such as dry floating foods, Fatty Liver Disease or kidney cysts。 Bacterial or internal parasitcial infections can also be involved, and egg impaction in female fish is an occasional cause。

";swim bladder"; is as good as they hear of a fish with any bouyancy issue, in reality, swim bladder failure probably accounts for about 2% of fish that get bouyancy issues。

The other 98% is down to gut inflation, and of that 98% percent,Aquatic it splits roughly into about 75% maldigestion with bacterial fermentation, usually because of a lack of dietary fibre and 。the other remaining 23% is bacteria or parasites damaging the gut or blocking it。

Remedy treatment which I can found online

Treatment!Initially, fast the fish for 2 - 3 days and then feed peas, lightly boiled/steamed, de-skinned and mushed (this is a cure for constipation)。 If this is not effective, increase the tank temperature to approx。 78-80F and add Epsom Salts - an eighth of a teaspoon per 5 gallons。 If this is not effective, treat with a medicated food or a broad-spectrum antibiotic which you source from LFS。 If this is not effective, treat with an internal parasiticidal medication。

Hope your GF will recover soon and avoid floating pellets, always feed GF with sinking pellets。
>Hmmm I dont know such floating pellet is a time bomb
>ermm。。due to GF tendency of going up to gulp the floating pellets, it also gulp air down their pipe。

there is a higher chance of GF being fed on floating pellets to get SBP, ( from my personal point of view ) as some would disagree。

although sinking pellets prices are higher, but i find that, in terms of keeping GF in e long run n also having lesser chance for them to develop SBP, it is still worth it。

once belly up。。curing chances is very low。。epsom salt like bro situs had mention, could help, but e chances anint tat high also。
>When gf belly up, the chances to recover is minimal。
Green peas are strongly encourage to prevent constipation。
Boil it and remove the skin, feed them at least once a week。
>hi, can i ask how do you feed the pea to the goldfish??
My goldfish is also upside down, when i tried to feed it with pea, all it does is spit it out。
>When GF belly up, they wont eat。 Normal time should feed ";precaution better than cure";
weekly routine will be ideal。
>Thanks all, only 1 remains belly up, the other 3 are back to normal, now what? Sinking pellet is recommended?
>Hikari Fancy Goldfish not bad or you can try other type。 As long is sinking pellets should be no problem。
>Originally Posted by situs-sk2 Hikari Fancy Goldfish not bad or you can try other type。 As long is sinking pellets should be no problem。 Do you also recommend any regular feeding such those red worms? Or dry tubiflex?
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