flower horn fishFactors affecting vitamin intake of stingray

flower horn fishFactors affecting vitamin intake of stingray Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetflower horn fishFactors affecting vitamin intake of stingray Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetLong Jiu Dragon Fish Summit 1.水的影响 魟鱼的产地属热带雨林气候,flower horn fish雨水充沛,雨水流经雨林会携带大量的维生素微量元素等汇入河流;加上可摄食的生物种类繁多,营养比较丰富,饲养过野生魟鱼的Fish aquarists should be able to understand that wild fish have strong disease resistance, and their adaptability to water quality, mating ability, and reproduction ability are much higher than artificial fish; this has a great relationship with the nutrition and physical intake of wild fish in the wild.Artificially farmed stingrays basically use tap water and well water as their main water sources.The vitamin content of this water is basically zero, vitamin stingray can only be ingested by food alone.2.Effects of food Most vitamins will be lost to varying degrees during processing and storage of stingray feed.Temperature, humidity, light intensity, freshness, pH, etc. may damage the activity of vitamins in the food and reduce the vitamin content.With a single feed that can be fed, vitamins are even scarcer 3.Effects of the fish itself The fish cannot synthesize VC, choline, inositol, and niacin, and must be added to the water body for supplementation, and the added amount is much larger than other vitamins.In addition, different fish, different living conditions and different growth stages require different types and quantities of vitamins.Approximately 15 vitamins are required for warm-water fish; in addition to 15 vitamins, cold-water fish also require p-aminobenzoic acid.4.The impact of disease and stress increases with the degree of intensification, the feeding density increases, and the growth rate accelerates, causing stingrays to be in different stress states, resulting in changes in vitamin requirements of stingrays.Diseases will cause changes in the activity of the enzyme system in the fish.This requires that the amount of vitamin replenishment changes accordingly, and at the same time, parasites and bacteria in the intestine will destroy the absorption function and compete for the use of vitamins.The addition of super-constant vitamins, especially VC and VE can reduce fish stress and shorten the treatment time.5.Vitamins and the influence of vitamins and additives When adding vitamins, attention should be paid to the interaction between them. For some vitamins that are easily damaged, enveloped preparations should be used.Iron, copper and other trace elements mixed with VA, VD, VE, VB12, VC, etc. will accelerate the destruction of these vitamins.Choline easily absorbs water and moisture, causing damage to other vitamins.Therefore, it should not be mixed directly with vitamins; VC can not be mixed with other vitamins, nor can it be directly mixed with inorganic salts.Therefore, when formulating the stingray vitamin nutrition formula, the common influence of the above factors should be fully considered according to the stingray nutritional needs, seasonal changes, environment and physiological conditions, so that the vitamin formula is more suitable for production needs.

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