australian arowanaSummer dragon cylinder cooling method

  Summer dragon cylinder cooling method Summer dragon cylinder cooling method

The high water temperature in summer is indeed a headache problem, although the arowana is no problem at more than 30 degrees.But it will accelerate the metabolism of arowana, thereby accelerating aging.One more important thing is that the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water will become smaller as the water temperature rises, and the water quality will deteriorate more easily.From this point alone, it is necessary to relieve the heat of Ailong.

There are several methods;

1 Place the fish tank as far as possible to avoid sunlight.

2 Unnecessary water pumps (such as surfing pumps) in the fish tank should not be turned on when the temperature is high.Reduce the generation of heat energy.(Because the main pump is an integral part of the fish tank, it is out of scope.This is one of the reasons for the increase in water temperature).

3 The intensity of the light is also the second reason for the increase in water temperature; but the light is more important and it is impossible to not turn it on. If you are using a ceiling light, try to raise the lamp stand a little above the water to make the heat emitted by the light easy to dispersepoint.If you are using an underwater lamp, then please take a few centimeters away from the water.

4 Use a fan to cool down; this indicates that it is an electric fan for home use, and the small-displacement cooling fan for aquariums is basically not useful for dragon cylinders.(I personally experienced it, and still used two rows and six heads for displacement.) The placement of the fan is also particular, (Is it okay to blow directly at the fish tank?)) It can be said that this is just a waste of power. Imagine the Chili Red Dragon HD dynamic wallpaper across the thick glass of the fish tank. Will it be useful?It is best to open the cover of the fish tank a little and blow it against the head to take away the hot air flow from the fish tank.Remember; hot air is rising, cold air is falling.

5 Physically lower the temperature by hand; fill the large Coke plastic bottle with water and freeze it, and put it in the filter of the fish tank when the temperature is high.This method is more effective, but more troublesome.

6 Use a chiller; if the water temperature is always at 37 ° C, this is the best way.Scientific, direct, good effect and stable.(The domestic small flow of about one thousand yuan can be bought).

7. Air-conditioning is adopted to cool down; the water temperature can be maintained at about 278 degrees, which is convenient and simple.Use the timer function of the air conditioner to start automatically when the temperature is the highest.

The above method is for reference only.

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