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  Can anyone tell me if this is a sick fishRivers and lakes Aquaculture Forum

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   £ Three Less§ Say: Hulukou, there is still hope to be able to eat.Pray if you do nt eat.
Eve frost eve Say: Choking
Yuyou DIY Bin Say: Im sick
Yuyou 349353087 Say: Gourd mouth
Yuyou wandering qq Say: Medicine can cure the price
Yuyou Wuji Say: Caused by internal mail or enteritis
Yuyou Aixue Feihong Say: can not read it
Fish friend kuny kun Say: Should be over
Fisherman Say: This must be the fish in question, the gourd mouth is so obviousHow much catty feed a big duck eats every day$How much white duck feed for 45 days$How much feed should the duck feed%Meat duck feed formula produced by itself*The best time for duck control^How much feed does a duck have to eat!Broiler premix feed formula&Simple duck feed recipe~What are the feed formulas for meat ducks at various stages,Muscovy duck feed formula(

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