Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental

Genetically modified animals at Taiwans aquarium expo

Aquarium Expo in Taipei on Nov 7, 2012。

Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental

(REUTERS) - Images of genetically modified animals, including the glowing angelfish in Taipei。

Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental 未命名
The fish, which are the worlds first pink fluorescent angelfish and can be view without a backlight,Aquatic were created by a joint project between Taiwans Academia Sinica, National Taiwan Ocean University and Jy Lin,Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental a private biotechnology company, according to the organiser of the 2012 Taiwan International aquarium Expo。
taiwan ppl very good in cross breeding, parrot fish was created by them and a few more extrodinary ones by them also。
>Freshwater horse?
>i also very surprised!

SeaHorse can be in freshwater and in just a normal man-made tank?

OMG! How can that be????!!!! Amazing!
>1 pink fluorescent angelfish cos sgd4200! According to the market now can buy 4-5 premium XB or reds!! Hope when come to sg all the breeders will breed until price drop den we hobbyist can swamp and grab these exclusive angels!! Maybe altums will become <;$10 per piece (just like the situation with silver aros!P)!!
>Personally,Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental I find the angelfish stunning! I dont mind having them in my tank
From their appearance, I think they have 2 stripeless genes (known as a blushing angelfish) which makes their body translucent though with some silvery patches。 Injecting fluorescent protein gene into blushing angelfish allows the glow to emits via the translucent body!

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